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I am SandiSays, I am

My football story … and I’m sticking to it …

In my over 60 years of life I have been consistently successful at ignoring football. Baseball is my jam and I have been a SF Giants fan since I attended my 1st baseball game as a young girl at Candlestick Park in the 60’s. I was absolutely mesmerized by the sight of “green” grass … having only seen games on our black & white TV.

My dad was an equally tried and true SF 49er fan … despite their off and on  “dark years”.  I learned to ignore football in those early years when my sister and I were not allowed to make any kind of disturbance or distraction while a game was on.  I remember one year my mom and I were in a car accident on a rainy Monday night.  As the tow truck pulled our car away … my mom belabored over calling my dad to come pick us up.  I finally convinced her to give him a ring.  I am not sure how the phone conversation actually went …. but my mom and I stood … cold and wet on the El Camino Real in Santa Clara until my dad showed up after 9:00 p.m. when the game was over.  He was not happy, my mom was not happy, I was not happy.

Fast forward … September 1, 2019 @ 5:30 p.m.

I drafted my 1st fantasy football team known as “Sandi’sTightEnds”.  I know nothing about Fantasy Football.  I know nothing about FOOTBALL … except of course that song that plays before a game … dut, dut, dut, duuhhhhhh … and that it is best viewed with a beer!  So … why did I even join a Fantasy Football Team you ask?  It has become a family “thing” that joins my family on the east, central and west coast … and … my nephew, who I dearly love, is the moderator/creator guy.  (Love you JohnE!)

As an academic, I began frantically taking notes in a little black journal … but, it became too laborious … because I have too much to learn.  So I am chronicling my Fantasy Football research here … in a cut and paste world where the information I log is always available to me (as I am right now heading out on a 5 week road trip to Indiana!).  Besides … as it turns out … once you draft a team … the work is not over!!!!!  (Who KNEW?).  Also, it is hard to find information for the “football illiterate” … if there is another like me out there; hoping to understand this seemingly simple yet complex game ……. I hope this helps you also!